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Restrooms and rentals update

East Parkway PavilionPark Restrooms
The restrooms at the East Parkway Pavilion are set to reopen this Saturday, May 1. The Rainbow Lake Pavilion plumbing suffered a good deal of damage during its COVID hiatus, requiring extensive repairs. While we are in the City plumbing queue, those restrooms will remain closed. In the meantime, we’ll be installing portable toilets and the handwashing station will remain. The City is also in the process of turning water fountains back on in the park.

Event Rentals
We anticipate accepting new rental applications beginning the first week of June. Maximum capacity will initially be limited to 100 people, and all events will require a COVID safety plan approved by Overton Park Conservancy. Any event with 25 or more attendees will also require City of Memphis approval of the safety plan, as well as a City of Memphis event permit.

Please note that any event with 25 or more attendees will take approximately one month to move through the City permitting process, so plan ahead when requesting your preferred date.