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Plan An Event

We are now accepting event rental inquiries and applications for 2023 dates.

Open area picnic tables are available anytime, free, first-come first-served, for groups under 25.

  • Begin the rental process on the “Facilities and Fees” page.
  • EVENTS WITH 25+ ATTENDEES MUST BE RESERVED A MINIMUM OF ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE to obtain the required City of Memphis Assembly Permit.
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Host your family, friends, church, or business in the heart of the city. Overton Park has multiple options to make your event memorable. Descriptions of venues and fee schedules are below.

East Parkway Pavilion

The park’s largest covered structure, the historic East Parkway Pavilion can hold 100+ and is adjacent to a large playground and picnic areas, ample shaded green space, public access restrooms, water fountain, and the Old Forest State Natural Area. This is the perfect location for large family reunions (over 50 people), church groups, and company picnics. Seating installed; no tables provided. Electricity available for a fee; no water available. Maximum 200 attendees for private events. Base price $300/all day rental.

Rainbow Lake Pavilion

This smaller pavilion holds about 40 people and contains picnic tables and public access restrooms. It is adjacent to ample open greenspace, water fountain, the Old Forest State Natural Area, and Rainbow Lake Playground, a unique playscape in Memphis, making it a great location for a child’s birthday party or small family reunion or company picnic. Seating/picnic tables installed. Electricity available for a fee; water valve available. Maximum 50 attendees for private events. Base price $200/all day rental.

Formal gardens

This landscaped area is covered with beautiful, white-blossomed crape myrtle trees and is a lovely setting for an intimate wedding or formal gathering. Tents can be set up on the grounds for weather protection (staking prohibited). No seating or tables provided. No electricity available; water valve available. Maximum 200 attendees for private events. Base price $500/all day rental. Available for rental when there are no conflicting events in the park.


Overton Park’s signature open space, the Greensward is bordered by Veterans Plaza to the west, Rainbow Lake to the east, and Rainbow Lake Playground to the southeast. It is ideal for open-air public special events that require space for booths, stages, recreation, and higher attendance. Rainbow Lake Pavilion included in rental. Maximum 500 attendees for public events. (Events with larger attendance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.) Base price $2,000/all day rental.

Veterans Plaza

This area to the east of the Formal Gardens and west of the Greensward honors America’s veterans. It is reserved for official military functions only, at no cost.


Host your fundraising walk or run at Overton Park! Our Old Forest Paved Trail is perfect for smaller races, and we will work with you to develop a route to fit your needs. Rental of both the Old Forest Paved Trail and pavilion is required as part of all walk/run events – see fee schedule below.

Event Details and Fees

  • Event Type/Attendance
    • PRIVATE EVENT/MAX 200 ATTENDEES: Invitation only (e.g. birthday party), not advertised
    • PUBLIC EVENT/MAX 500 ATTENDEES (larger events will be considered on a case-by-case basis): Open to general public (e.g. festival) OR registered attendance (e.g. 5K run), publicly advertised
  • Event Venues (Venues other than the Greensward will be considered for public events on a case-by-case basis depending on expected number of attendees, proposed run of show, etc. Contact Overton Park Conservancy to discuss.)
    • East Parkway Pavilion (no tables, no water valve, max 200 attendees), $300
    • Rainbow Lake Pavilion (4 tables, max 50 attendees), $200
    • Formal Gardens (no tables, no electricity available, max 200 attendees), $500 (available for rental when there are no conflicting events in the park)
    • Greensward (PUBLIC EVENTS, Rainbow Lake Pavilion included), $2,000
    • Veterans Plaza (available free of charge to US veteran/service organizations only)
  • Additional Amenities and Fees
    • Electrical power access, $100 (not available at Formal Gardens)
    • Water valve access, Available upon request (not available at East Parkway Pavilion)
    • Old Forest Paved Trail for Walk/Run, $100 (Pavilion rental/fee required in conjunction with Old Forest Paved Trail rental)
    • FEDERAL HOLIDAY WEEKENDS, $50 (additional fee for rentals Friday – Monday on holiday weekends)
  • Supplemental Fees and Details for Public Events OR Events with 200+ Attendees (discuss with Overton Park Conservancy staff)
    • Trash hauling, $200-500 (Price will depend on number of attendees; dumpster rentals not permitted)
    • Traffic flow management, $500 (Large events may require Conservancy-managed one-way traffic configuration)
    • Security/traffic detail, TBD (REQUIRED if 1. traffic flow management required and 2. alcohol served to public)
    • Portable toilets, TBD (May be required for larger events)

Step by Step Rental Process

  • BEFORE filling out application and submitting payment:
    • STEP 1. Confirm availability of desired date, venue, and event details with Overton Park Conservancy via our online inquiry form at or by calling 901-658-4795.
    • Events with 25+ attendees must be reserved 30 days in advance.
  • To secure your reservation, you must:
    • STEP 2. Complete an application (which will be sent to you by Conservancy staff)
    • STEP 3. Submit payment of a $100 non-refundable deposit (applied to rental fee balance) OR full payment (required if reservation within 30 days of event date). An online payment portal will be provided when your application is pre-approved.
    • Reservations are NOT secured without submission of application and deposit or full payment.
  • Upon Overton Park Conservancy receiving full payment:
    • For events with under 25 attendees Overton Park Conservancy will issue an approved rental permit (rental process complete).
    • For events with 25 or more attendees Overton Park Conservancy will issue a contingent rental contract (continue to STEP 4).
  • If your event is for 25 or more attendees:
    • STEP 4. Submit your Overton Park Conservancy contingent rental contract to City of Memphis Permits Office along with their separate application for an Assembly Permit as required by City Code for any group of 25+ to gather in a public space. Contact City of Memphis Permits Office at either (901) 636-6711 or [email protected]; allow four weeks for processing.