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Time to stay off the golf course!

Footprints on golf course
Photo courtesy of Parks Dixon

Those big piles of dirt are about to look a whole lot greener! This week marks the beginning of “sprigging” the renovated Overton Park golf course. Both fairways and greens are getting new grass over the next week or two, which will have the course ready for a fall re-opening after several months of irrigation and grow-in time.

That means we’re asking for everyone’s cooperation, from cyclists to dog walkers to metal detectors, to stay off the course for the next several months. Footprints and tire tracks damage not only the new grass, but the detail work that went into shaping the greens. Staying off the course will enable us to avoid replanting and reconstructing over the next year.

As you walk by the course, you can expect to see temporary fencing and signage, as well as irrigation systems that are working full-time. Thank you for helping us to create a world-class course!