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Stories: Kaci Murley

Conservancy Deputy Executive Director Kaci Murley shares the story of a special day in Overton Park.

On a sunny Saturday in December 2020, Ian and I pulled up to Overton Park and had ourselves a little wedding. Our pre-pandemic plan was to elope to Mexico City in March, but the world had other ideas. Many couples have used the Formal Gardens as their location for gettin’ hitched, and it was top of our list for a safe and beautiful spot to say “I Do” with our Memphis Family. It didn’t hurt that, as an employee of Overton Park Conservancy, I already had a deep love for and connection to the park. Earlier in the year, some dear friends gave us a sweet gift – a wooden cutting board with “Kaci & Ian Est. 2020” engraved in it. Another friend saw it and (before the March Mexico plans were cancelled) commented, “How funny, it says ‘Kaci and Ian, ESTIMATED 2020!'” We said, “No, silly, that means ESTABLISHED.” After a wild 2020, we find it funny how on-the-nose that “Estimated” turned out to be. We will forever cherish Overton Park for giving us the space to declare our love and commitment, engulfed in joy, support, and sunshine. Special thanks to Melissa McMasters for offering her services as expert photographer for the ceremony.

Kaci and Ian at Rust Hall

Formal gardens ceremony

Masked wedding photos