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MCA Stories: Carl E. Moore

Carl E. Moore
BFA in Painting/Illustration and Graphic Design, 1987
MFA in Art and Studio Practice, 2012

Carl Moore
Carl E. Moore and Lee Hup on MCA graduation day, 1987.

What are you working on now?
Painting and Graphic Design. I maintain a regular studio practice as an artist. I do graphic design and Illustration on occasion, as well as mural work. I’ve worked as a Graphic Designer for News Channel 3 for 24 years, but I keep my job completely separate from my Art Practice. I also do a lot of experimental work.

What was a memorable experience you had at MCA?
I think the most memorable experience I had at MCA was working with some really honest and sincere instructors like Veda Reed, Maritza Davila, JD Kelly, Ellis Cappell, David Moses, and Bill Womack. I learned a lot from them, and for the 80s they made the school comfortable for everyone.

What does MCA mean to you?
Attending MCA was my first formal step to becoming an Artist.

What do you think the school’s legacy will be?
All the talented students, artist, designers, painters, sculptors, teachers etc. that the school launched out into the world. Everything they’ve created is part of the school’s legacy.