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MCA Stories: Cambria Howard

Cambria Howard
BFA in Design Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, 2020

What do you hope to focus on in your career?
As of right now, I do not have any immediate plans after graduation other than continuing to network and add to my portfolio. I am actively searching for opportunities with design firms to start my career.

In the next few years, I hope to focus on branding and marketing with either small businesses or large corporations. I enjoy using my designs to give an artistic voice to people who do not have the resources or skill to voice it themselves. Long-term, I am determined to begin a career as an art director. I am a natural-born leader and enjoy serving as the link between artists and clients.

What made you decide to continue with MCA after the closure was announced?
When the school’s closure was announced, I was getting ready to deliver my daughter and pursue certification in another career in order to support her. After taking a semester off, I sat down and had a heartfelt conversation with my former mentor and professor, Kevin Mitchell. He knew that deep in my heart, I didn’t want to leave MCA and I wanted to keep pursuing my degree. At that point, MCA had allowed me to create so many connections and skills that leaving felt like I was giving up on its vision and purpose for its students. So, I decided to stay and served as the bridge between students that had the same uncertainty that I had and administrators that were trying their best to keep the school open till its May closure.

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