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Thanks to all who joined us in the park this weekend!

Learning about snakes, birds, trees, and lichen at the Science Fair

From BioBlitzing to tree climbing to trail repairs, Overton Park had a busy weekend full of engaged community members. We met and worked with so many interesting people that we have to do a blog post just to thank them all! In no particular order:

  • Malle Carrasco-Harris, Helen Hope, Fields Falcone, Hannah Schulz, Griffin Williams, and Mary Rowe for sharing their research in the Old Forest at our annual science fair.
  • The International Society of Arboriculture Southern Chapter, which held its annual tree-climbing competition in the park this weekend, along with a 5K to fund scholarships for college students to attend the ISA annual conference. While the group was in town, they did volunteer work, including removing a hazard tree in Rainbow Lake Playground that was suffering from root rot and bacterial leaf scorch. (We’ll be replanting in this same location soon!).
  • Arborist Wes Hopper, who hosted the ISA crew, led them on tours through the Old Forest, and explained the value of professional tree care to people across the city this weekend.
  • HBC Trailworks, Park Friends, Start2Finish, Coach Robert Shankman, and the Rhodes track team, for putting in hours sprucing up the limestone trail for our runners.
  • Bill Bullock, Ethan Williford, and Fields Falcone for helping us lead BioBlitz tours through the woods.
The Rhodes track team spreads new limestone surfacing on the trail.

On that note, we were thrilled with how many people came out to help us survey the Old Forest! Although it was too cold for insects, the wildflowers were putting on a beautiful show. Among 17 participants, we recorded almost 200 observations of more than 60 species! Check out the results here, and plan to join us for the next mini-BioBlitz, which is tentatively scheduled for Earth Day on April 21 (time TBD).