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Explore Bike Share comes to Overton Park

Explore Bike Share mapBike sharing is coming to Overton Park and dozens of other locations around Memphis, offering visitors a convenient, affordable way to access the park and its attractions.

Explore Bike Share is a program that uses a network of bicycles placed at stations around the city that users can rent as a means of transportation across relatively short or medium-length distances. Yesterday, EBS announced an initial network of 60 stations from Downtown to Orange Mound that will provide a new mode of connection between neighborhoods, public transit locations, and tourist attractions. Its network of stations will encourage cycling as an alternative to using cars for short distances. We’re hopeful that having stations in Overton Park will help ease congestion on peak days.

Within the park, there will be one station located near the entrance of the Memphis Zoo, and one located centrally on the west side of the park, across the street from Memphis College of Art’s Rust Hall. After scouting sites with the Explore Bike Share team, and researching what sites are best for stations, this location seemed to be the easiest to access, most visible, and most convenient to the largest number of visitors. We envision a station in another park location once the General Services area is redeveloped in the southeast corner of the park.

Explore Bike Share expects to be operational this spring, with an eventual eastward expansion that adds 30 additional stations, including locations on the Shelby Farms Greenline.

To learn more about Explore Bike Share and its plans for Memphis, click here.