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Stories: Michele Adelman

Overton Park Conservancy board member Michele Adelman shares that she and her husband Steve love to walk their dog Milton in the Old Forest. It’s one of their favorite things to do in Memphis, and they enjoy it in all four seasons.

Steve and Milton
Steve and Milton at the “Growth” gate and on the trails as summer turns to fall.


Steve, Michele, and Milton
Steve, Michele, and Milton bundled up for a winter walk.


Steve, Milton, and Don
Steve and Milton are joined by Michele’s father Don Ryland in their appreciation of a towering old tree.

Michele remembers walking through the park after the Memorial Day weekend storm in 2017 and finding this massive tree that had fallen on top of the Overton Bark dog park.

Michele and fallen tree
Michele and the fallen tree


Tree on top of dog park
The tree managed to knock out only one panel of the fence and spare the water fountain, but it was still no picnic to remove! It made for a dramatic visual for several weeks.