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Greensward funding update

As of Friday afternoon, we have exceeded $21,000 in donations toward unlocking a $25,000 match from a generous anonymous donor. We hope to get the full matching amount by the end of the weekend! (You can double your gift by visiting

Thanks to several other large pledges, our total for the past 48 hours has reached almost $250,000. That means we’re a quarter of the way toward our goal in only two days! We’re humbled by this show of support, with donations from all around the region and eight other states, and we hope to keep this momentum going to reach $1 million by June 11.

Other Ways to Help
Next week, we’ll be posting some ideas for hosting fundraising events for the project. This weekend, if you’re visiting the park, stop by the MEMPopS truck and get yourself a treat. For every popsicle they sell in the park this weekend, they’ll be donating $1 to the Conservancy.

Thank you so much for your support. With your help, overflow parking on the Greensward will soon be a thing of the past.