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#TrickOutMyTrip and make crossing Poplar safer

Crossing PoplarToday, Memphis competes with cities across America for matching funds–and we can bring those dollars right here to Overton Park!

The Trick Out My Trip campaign, sponsored by ioby and TransitCenter, promises to bring funds to cities that want to improve safety and access for transit riders, cyclists, and pedestrians. Overton Park’s Poplar and Tucker intersection has been chosen as a matching fund recipient. We need to raise $4,670 to stripe high-visibility crosswalks on Poplar for the many people who currently cross seven lanes of traffic on worn-away paint.

How does it work? Just visit our campaign page on ioby and make a gift of any amount. Your donation will be matched up to $100…but only until the match money runs out. The campaign officially runs until August 5, but to make sure we can go forward with this project, we need our community to donate early and often!

These improvements are the first step in making this highly trafficked park entrance safer for all park visitors. The Mid-South Regional Greenprint Plan identified this as a high-priority intersection for enhancements that could include ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps, and the creation of a wider, green median on Tucker. As the Conservancy begins its master planning process later in the year, we’ll start working on those plans. For now, though, we have a great opportunity to increase safety today. Please consider making a gift, and tell your friends on social media using the hashtag #TrickOutMyTrip!

Learn more about the nationwide Trick Out My Trip project.