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Get fit and meet your neighbors in the park!

Looking for a way to spend more time in the park, meet your neighbors, and get a little healthier in the process? Several of our amazing park lovers are providing a way for you to do just that…for free!

Running Crew
Pete, Steve, Phil, Mike, Bill, and Barney will lead you on a run through the forest.

Trail Running 101
For those interested in getting into running on the Old Forest trails, Memphis running legend Mike Cody and several friends are offering a beginner-level Saturday-morning run.

If you’ve been intimidated about the possibility of getting lost on the trails, or just want to get into running at a slow pace, this is the perfect run for you. You’ll cover portions of the limestone trail, as well as the red and green nature trails, with runners who have spent years getting to know the Old Forest.

Meet the crew at 7:15 AM every Saturday at the gate entrance to the Old Forest next to the Abe Goodman Golf Clubhouse. Runs will cover about two miles at about a 15-minute-mile pace. This program begins this Saturday, June 13, so lace ’em up and get out there!

Tai Chi in the Formal Gardens
For a lighter form of exercise, Marjean Liggett will be leading sunrise tai chi classes in the formal gardens starting Tuesday, July 14. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 AM, Marjean will hold beginner-level tai chi classes focused primarily on breathing exercises and basic moves. As the class continues, the focus may evolve into a more traditional tai chi program depending on what participants would like to see. It will be a wonderful way to center yourself for the day and enjoy the park at one of the most beautiful times to visit.

Both these activities are absolutely free and were created by Conservancy friends who have a desire to give something back to their fellow park lovers. A round of applause for the generous offer of their time and talents! We look forward to seeing Overton Park even more lively in the early hours of the morning.