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The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of SummerThere’s no denying it: we’re in the dog days of summer. It’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s hard sometimes to leave the air-conditioned comfort of home and get outside.

But we still see so many people enjoying the park: having family reunions at the pavilions, running on the trails, climbing the Spiderwebs at Rainbow Lake Playground.

We at the Conservancy are spending a lot of these dog days in planning and preparation mode: getting ready for November’s A Magical Night at Overton Park, putting the finishing touches on a wayfinding signage program, and gearing up for a season of collecting tons of inventory data in the Old Forest.

But in the meantime, heat, storms, and high park usage have been keeping us busy with day-to-day issues. Gate handles to the playground and dog park break. Toilets get clogged. Grass gets high and needs an extra mowing. Fallen trees need to be removed from the trails. Algae needs to be cleaned from the surface of Rainbow Lake pretty much constantly (that stuff grows fast!).

These aren’t glamorous issues, by any means. But added together, they make a huge impact on your park experience.

That’s why we’re asking you to take a moment today to consider how even a small gift to the Conservancy adds up into a better experience for everyone. Your donation helps us to take care of these day-to-day operational issues quickly and efficiently, so that you can expect a clean, well-functioning park whenever you visit.

Please make a gift today. 
The humans AND the dogs who love the park will thank you!

P.S. Are you in the park often? Another way to help keep the park in great shape is by joining our Team Overton Park program and reporting when you see something that needs our attention!

P.S. again: Want a super-cute Overton Bark bandana like the one Colbie is modeling above? Membership is a great way to support the park, and you can add a dog bandana for $5!