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Rainbow Lake Playground Gets Adventurous

Rainbow Lake PlaygroundWhen the Speak Up for Our Park! survey was conducted last year, users of Overton Park were asked to describe their ideal park.  One of the top items on the list was “updated playgrounds.”  We’re excited to announce that visitors are about to get their wish when improvements to the Rainbow Lake Playground get underway in the coming weeks.

It’s been more than 20 years since the playground’s last renovation, and the equipment is showing signs of wear.  “The playground is outdated,” says Naomi Van Tol, Director of Operations & Capital Improvements at the Overton Park Conservancy.  “There’s not enough for kids to do, especially older kids.  We wanted something more adventurous.  The new playground is almost completely built to order, so it won’t be a cookie-cutter experience.”

Kids’ quest for adventure will be satisfied with two large climbing structures (one made of netting and one of multi-level wooden ramps and platforms) and a grassy mound with a concrete tunnel to explore.  They’ll be kept safe with a natural wood mulch surface.

Tina Sullivan, Executive Director of the Conservancy, is most excited about a special feature that’s being designed by the National Ornamental Metal Museum.  Since the playground will no longer be surfaced with pebbles, the museum is constructing a musical installation that uses pebbles to make sounds.  “We want to create a space that’s awe-inspiring for kids coming into the park,” Sullivan says.

The renovations will get underway before the end of 2012, and should take 4 to 5 months to complete.  We still need to raise about $200,000 for the project, and your contributions help!  If you’d like to donate, click here.   To designate your gift to this project, click “Notes” on the Review Your Donation page, and type “Rainbow Lake Playground” into the text box.

Your ticket purchase to A Magical Night at Overton Park also benefits the playground project!