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Rental Policies


Important Information

  • We do not offer shorter time slots. Rentals are all day/one event per day per facility. Permitted renters are welcome to use the  venue for as much or as little time as they like, sunrise to sunset (official park hours of operation).
  • Parking is first come first served throughout Overton Park. It is strongly recommended to arrive early on weekends.
  • Bring Your Own event equipment e.g. grills, hose, tables (as needed, see facilities details), etc.
  • Dispose of coals in coal bin provided or off park grounds.  
  • Inflatables, portables, game trucks, etc. are prohibited in Overton Park without a rental contract. Renter must use vendor insured with Overton Park Conservancy; a list of approved vendors will be provided upon request.
  • Overton Park Conservancy is not responsible for special events held by separate entities located within the Overton Park  complex that may cause inconveniences for your rental such as noise or parking congestion, e.g., a concert at Overton Park Shell or a  large event at the Memphis Zoo. Please research potential conflicts BEFORE you fill out a rental application and pay a deposit  with Overton Park Conservancy:
    • Overton Park calendar (NOT comprehensive, typically only reflects upcoming 60 days):
    • Overton Park Shell,, (901) 300-3011, [email protected]
    • Memphis Zoo,, (901) 333-6500, [email protected]
    • Brooks Museum,, (901) 544-6200,
  • Walk/Run events require a Pavilion rental fee in conjunction with Old Forest Paved Trail rental. Use of vehicular roads NOT PERMITTED at the Conservancy’s discretion due to impacts on guests and other park entities
  • OVERTON PARK CONSERVANCY RENTAL PERMITS FOR EVENTS WITH 25+ ATTENDEES ARE NOT VALID WITHOUT SEPARATE  CITY OF MEMPHIS PERMIT(S). Submit your Overton Park Conservancy rental contract to City of Memphis Permits Office along with their  separate application for an Assembly Permit as required by City Code for any group of 25+ to gather in a public space.  Contact City of Memphis Permits Office ( at either (901) 636-6711 or [email protected]; allow four weeks for processing.  
  • ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IN PUBLIC SPACES IN THE CITY OF MEMPHIS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED without special permits/fees  from TN Alcohol Commission and City of Memphis Beer Board. Permitted alcohol consumption at events in Overton Park  requires disclosure on this application and permission from Overton Park Conservancy.
  • A damage deposit may be required for Special Events, ranging from $100 – $1,000. Credit card only is accepted for damage deposit payment. The damage deposit is used to offset the cost of damage, repair, replacement, and/or excessive cleaning needs to the building, grounds, and fixtures. It is also used to offset additional rental fees, which may be incurred. The damage deposit fee return process will begin no later than seven business days following the rental.

Event Rental Permit Checklist – Terms of Park Usage

Reservations require an acknowledgement of the following terms:

  • I understand that I must pay my balance at least 30 days prior to my reservation, or pay in full if reservation is within 30 days of event or my reservation will be cancelled.
  • I am at least 21 years old.
  • I understand that events with 25+ attendees must be reserved one month in advance, and that my Overton Park rental contract for 25+ attendees is not valid without City of Memphis permit(s) which may take up to 30 days to be issued.
  • I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that every person at my event obeys all applicable City of Memphis, State of Tennessee, and federal rules, ordinances, laws, and regulations. I understand that failure to do so may result in the rental contract being cancelled or terminated, and all guests being asked to leave the premises and/or be subject to legal action. I understand that I am responsible for providing general supervision and control over all activities and people at my event to prevent unlawful activity, injury, or damage.
  • I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE NO RAIN DATES OR REFUNDS DUE TO WEATHER OR SEASONAL CONDITIONS. In order to cancel and receive a refund (minus the $100 non-refundable deposit), I understand that I must submit a refund request in writing AT LEAST 45 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE EVENT, and that within the 45 day window there are no cancellations, changes, or refunds. Overton Park Conservancy reserves the right to cancel and refund in full any reservation because of unforeseen circumstances regarding park operations and/or guest safety.
    • I must provide general cleanup related to my event’s activities, and I am financially responsible for any damage to the area including unbagged garbage/litter, excessive spills, etc. Excessive cleaning fees will be billed at $100 per hour post-event and damages will be itemized according to required repairs.
    • Signs may be temporarily affixed to structures only on the day of the event. Nailing, stapling, or otherwise affixing to trees, buildings, light poles, or road signs is prohibited.
    • Staking into the ground is prohibited due to damage to underground infrastructure such as irrigation.
    • Temporary marking (chalk or water-based paint) of any hard surface is prohibited.
    • Water balloons, balloon releases, and animal releases (doves, butterflies) are prohibited.
    • Glitter and confetti are prohibited without complete removal.
  • I understand that alcohol consumption in Overton Park is illegal per City of Memphis Ordinance without City and State permits and written approval by Overton Park Conservancy. I understand that security is required for any event involving alcohol and that I am responsible for securing all required permits.
  • I understand that vendors providing my event with amenities such as food trucks, bounce houses, portable toilets, game trucks, etc. for this event must be detailed in this permit, and only insured vendors may be used. A current Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) must be on file with Overton Park Conservancy for each vendor.
  • FOR PUBLIC EVENTS ONLY: I understand that I am not permitted to promote this event publicly until I have paid my total rental fee in full and have received all necessary permits from City and State entities as needed.
  • FOR PUBLIC EVENTS ONLY: I understand that I am required to get an event Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI rider) for this event naming Overton Park Conservancy AND the City of Memphis (on same form) as the additional insured for at least $1,000,000 per occurrence of bodily injury or property damage. “Certificate Holder” should read Overton Park and City of Memphis, P.O. Box 42189, Memphis, TN 38174.

Download this event rental checklist.

Ready to begin a reservation? 

  • Private events (birthday parties, family reunions, showers, etc)
    • Book and pay for your venue here.
      • East Parkway Pavilion – Private Event
      • Rainbow Lake Pavilion – Private Event
  • Special events 
    • Fill out and submit an inquiry form for your venue here.
      • East Parkway Pavilion – Public Event*
      • Rainbow Lake Pavilion – Public Event*
      • Formal Gardens – Private Event
      • Veterans Plaza – Official Military Organizations only
      • Greensward – Public Event*
    • *Public events are generally advertised and open to the public

Questions? Email Rentals at [email protected] or call 901-658-4795.

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