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Mindfulness Walks

Mindfulness walks are based on the Japanese concept of shirin-yoku, or “forest bathing.” These short and slow walks are to help participants take advantage of the physical, mental, and emotional benefits from spending time in by nature. The Conservancy has recruited a group of volunteers from various disciplines – spiritual, artistic, wellness, ecology – to appeal to the broadest group of park visitors.

While visitors may choose to bring a mindfulness approach to any of their visits to Overton Park at any time, these facilitated Mindfulness Walks will be limited to approximately ten people each.

October walks:

  • October 3rd, Tuesday – 5:00-5:30PM – Greg Graber
  • October 6th, Friday – 8:00-8:30AM – Rev. Katherine Bush
  • October 8th, Sunday – 1:30-2:15 PM – Dr. Amy Balentine
  • October 17th, Tuesday – 5:00-5:30PM – Greg Graber

Sign up - Mindfulness Walk - Nature Zen Month
Mindfulness Walk - Greg Graber October 3rd 5:00-5:30PM

We are excited to offer this suite of programs for free as a part of Nature Zen Month!

Please be mindful that space is limited on these programs and that our guides give of their time and energy. If you register, don't forget to add the program to your calendar and attend. If you need to cancel, email [email protected]

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Waiver and Release Agreement

I recognize and acknowledge that there are risks associated with Overton Park Conservancy programming and events, which may include but are not limited to: falls, contact with other participants, the effects of weather, conflicts with animals such as snakes, exposure to plants such as poison ivy, dehydration, misuse or failure of equipment. 

I waive all claims that I might have based on any of those and other risks typical in this type of activity. I am aware that staff/volunteers may provide support for this program/event, including but not limited to directions and map guidance. 

I am also aware that first aid, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), or the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) is not available for this program/event. 

I understand that Overton Park Conservancy does not assume any responsibility or liability with respect to my (or my child/ward) participation in this program/event. I agree and hereby waive (on behalf of myself and my child/ward) all claims against, and agree to fully release, hold harmless, and indemnify Overton Park Conservancy, all sponsors, representatives (including staff/volunteers), and independent contractors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation (or my child/ward’s participation) in the program/event, even though liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this waiver. 

By indicating your acceptance, you understand, agree, warrant and covenant for yourself and, if applicable, for your minor child/ward, as follows (if the participant is under 18 year of age, the parent/guardian must sign).

I acknowledge that I have read this agreement and I fully understand the risks of myself or my child(ren) participating in Overton Park Conservancy programs or activities. I am fully aware that this agreement will have the effect of releasing Overton Park Conservancy, its board members, directors, staff, employees, and volunteers from all liability or claims of any nature or kind which may occur as a result of participation in these programs or activities.

The waiver and signature applies to your entire party.


Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the Mindfulness Walks.