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MCA Stories: Mia Saine

Mia Saine
BFA in Design Arts with concentration in Graphic Design, 2017

Mia SaineWhat are you working on now?
Currently, I freelance design and illustration projects. Some of my recent accomplishments are illustrating the Memphis Tourism Map Guide cover, showcasing my work in the National Civil Rights Museum, and creating last year’s TEDxMemphis conference design. I previously worked for non-profits such as Memphis River Parks Partnership and New Memphis Institute to create a better Memphis.

What was a particularly memorable experience you had while you were a student?
A few of my peers and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a very fun letterpress workshop, and I enjoyed every minute learning and practicing the process. My favorite part was mixing custom ink colors and then applying it to the letterpress evenly. This workshop led me to take the actual class that following spring. It helped me appreciate and understand modern design and color theory better. I hope I get the chance to do more letterpress in the future.

What does MCA mean to you?
Memphis College of Art was amazing, and it will always be the place that helped me discover myself as a creative and as a person. A whole new world was opened to me and I got to explore things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. All of the friendships and growth I have developed during my time at the institute are the things that drive me today. It just won’t be the same without it.

What do you think MCA’s legacy will be?
Memphis College of Art’s legacy will be multidimensional because of all of the people who experienced it. Overall, the college will be known and remembered as an important art pillar in Memphis that helped the community flourish with artists that would’ve never been present here today.