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#NatureZen: Blooming Tree Edition

Words + Photos by Melissa McMasters, Director of Communications

Something I try to practice every year at this time is looking more closely. In a few weeks, when spring bird migration is in full swing, I’ll be distracted by explosive song and flashes of yellow feathers high in the trees. But right now, the beauty is in the bursting buds of trees and flowers, and the neon green of new leaves.

Sometimes these slow contemplations lead me to see how nature’s exuberance mirrors our own at this time of year (well, our normal exuberance at this time of year). The box elder on the left below echoes a joyous person jumping through the air. The flowering dogwood buds look like a victory cheer.

These two redbuds at Levitt Shell remind me of one hand reaching out for another.


This strawberry bush asks, “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???”

Strawberry bush

But my favorites are and always will be the tiny flowers of redbud trees. Do they remind you of anything?

Redbud flowers

Nature’s synchronicity is pretty amazing.

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Life goal: Capture a photo of a hummingbird nectaring on a redbud blossom!

Thanks for reading! Is there anything you’d like us to explore in our #NatureZen features? Anything you’d like to share about how you’re using Overton Park during this time? Chat with us at [email protected].