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Stories: Cassandra D. Johnson

Cassandra Johnson visited our Overton Park Stories event at the Central Library in June, and submitted a photo of the park along with a poem she wrote about her favorite ways to use the park.  Thanks so much, Cassandra!

Cassandra Johnson's photo of Rainbow LakeStories of Overton Park
by Cassandra D. Johnson

Winter, spring, summer or fall showers a beautiful
array of change in Memphis’ own Overton Park.
Whether there are leaves on the trees, or bare branches,
the park grants a peaceful welcome to its visitors.
Although kites, frizbees, and sports, are frequent
activities at the park along with walking the dog,
I personally prefer the long walks.
Overton Park gives you the go ahead to walk
as long as you would like.
One trip around the park is not enough.
Its scenery offers limitless rounds of exercise to citizens.  The lake offers
refreshment along with interesting surprises to anticipate if you are there at the
right time!