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We need YOUR ideas for the east side of Overton Park!

Southeast corner of Overton Park

It’s a critical moment in the life of Overton Park. Memphis College of Art has closed and we hope to welcome a new partner to Rust Hall soon. The Brooks Museum is moving to the riverfront in a few years, and the City-occupied 13 acres at the park’s southeast corner are set to transform back into public parkland. (See photo above.) All this comes as we prepare to celebrate next year’s 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court case that saved Overton Park from being destroyed by Interstate 40.

What better time to think about the future–starting with those 13 acres? As we continue the comprehensive planning effort we began in 2018, we’re coming to you for your ideas for this space, which has been off-limits to the public since roughly the 1930s. While we dream big about how this new parkland can serve our community, we’re also taking a look at the other attractions on the east side of the park–the playground, historic pavilion, picnic areas, and Bike Gate plaza. We want to know what you’d change, and what you’d keep the same.

We’ve put together a survey focusing on this part of the park, which for planning purposes we’re calling Zone 1. (We’ll move into later zones in the months ahead.) This is your chance to help us create a space that welcomes all Memphians, contributes to the park’s financial sustainability, and offers our city something special.

Visit today! There you’ll find background on the planning process, a video tour of the 13-acre parcel, and a link to take the survey. We’re accepting survey responses through November 30, and we would love for you to share the survey link as widely as possible.

Thank you for helping us move Overton Park into a bright future.