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Historic East Parkway Pavilion damaged by fire

Damaged East Parkway Pavilion
Floorboards had to be removed to extinguish the fire.

On April 22, the historic East Parkway Pavilion suffered damage after a fire broke out underneath the flooring. Memphis Fire Department responded swiftly, and the structure is still standing. The pavilion is unsafe to enter due to serious floor damage, so we ask park visitors to respect the caution tape. The cause of the fire is unknown.

The Conservancy has engaged Wagner General Contractors to make repairs to the pavilion that will make it safe for our park users. The $16,000 repairs will use pine wood to patch the floors. We estimate that the pavilion will be operational by the end of May, but until then, it is not safe to use. 

The pavilion is the oldest surviving structure in Overton Park. Built in 1904, it was designed by the park’s original landscape architect, George Kessler. It remains a popular place for family reunions, birthday parties, and church picnics.