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Greensward project to begin this summer

GreenswardAfter three decades of overflow parking, work to permanently return the Overton Park Greensward to community use is set to begin this summer.

Using a phased approach that you can see here, Montgomery Martin Contractors will start the project this summer by adding capacity to the Zoo’s Prentiss Place lot. Work on the main lot adjacent to the Greensward will begin late in 2019. This will allow construction to begin while park and Zoo visitorship is lower, and it will give the trees transplanted as part of the work a better chance to thrive.

During construction, there will likely be a larger-than-usual impact to the public use of the Greensward, as the closure of the main Zoo lot will create more overflow parking. Following the completion of construction, remediation work will begin to repair the Greensward and get it ready for its permanent return to public gathering space.

The plan remains the same as was discussed in public meetings in 2018. You can view the drawings and information about the project on the City’s website.

We look forward to working with the City and our park partners to keep you updated on construction, as well as impacts to traffic and parking during the construction period. Once again, we thank you for your support in returning the Greensward to Overton Park!