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Volunteer Rock Stars

Photo by Mary WilderThis weekend, the University of Memphis Student Leadership & Involvement council hosted its first Service on Saturday of the fall semester. More than 100 members of U of M fraternities chose to spend their Saturday in Overton Park, thanks to a fantastic effort coordinated by Park Friends and Memphis City Beautiful.  Here are a few of the tasks they accomplished in the Old Forest State Natural Area and along the trails:

1.  Cleared debris from the perimeter trails along Poplar, East Parkway and North Parkway

2.  Cleared the nature trails in the Orange Trail Section, Red Trail Section, Green Trail Section and the Central Forest Trails

3.  Cleared the feeder creeks in the Green Trail Section

4.  Cleared the Carriage Bridges and upstream and downstream of the bridges in the Green Trail Section

5.  Cleared the Limestone Trail of encroaching foliage and debris

6.  Cleared and maintained underneath the foot bridges on the Limestone Trail and reworked the swales above and below the bridges

7.  Covered the cleaned Limestone Trail metal edges and put out limestone in erosion areas

8.  Cleared several feeder creeks in the park

9.  Cleared the stone bridges of foliage in preparation of the refurbishment of the bridges supported by the upcoming Overton Park 10K Trail Race, Park Friends, and the City

10.  Cleared debris, limbs and foliage from Lick Creek

11.  Repaired the Bronze Bridge at the Golf House (someone drove over it again)

Photo by Charles Uffelman12.  Picked up bottles and other trash

13.  Put out limestone on the Orange Trail connector

14.  Removed, cut, and dug up more kudzu and other invasive vines throughout the Forest

15.  Removed invasive English ivy from the stone bridge at the Golf Clubhouse

Thanks to this great group of volunteers, Park Friends, and Memphis City Beautiful for making such a huge investment in the park! Thanks especially to Sam Blair for his great field notes above, and to Mary Wilder and Charles Uffelman for the photos!

If your group would like to inquire about volunteering in the park, contact Susan Green at [email protected].