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Building a Bike Gateway, Part 3

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Part of the Bike Gate archBike Gate is getting 33% more awesome.

As Tylur French has continued working on the new bike sculpture that will welcome cyclists and pedestrians into Overton Park, he realized the arch could benefit from more bikes.  Originally, he collected 200 bikes from cyclists throughout the city, and he’s stripped them, taken them apart, reconfigured them, and begun attaching them to the two structures that will come together and form the arch.

But since his vision is for the top of the arch to be light and airy, the bottom of the arch now needs a little more bulk.  And that’s where you come in!

Tylur would like to collect 100 more bikes for the sculpture.  Many of you have let us know that you’d like to contribute, so we’re hosting a drop-off point this Saturday, June 29, from 10:00am to noon.  We’ll be across the street from Overton Bark.  Tylur will be on hand to chat with you about the project and answer any questions you may have.

This is your chance to be a part of something that we hope will become a signature piece of public art in the city of Memphis.  If you have any wheeled objects that you don’t need anymore–bicycles, tricycles, wheelchairs, etc., bring them by.  Chances are they’ll be useful.

Bike Gate's archesBack at the studio, Tylur’s been constructing the arches and consulting with the team at ANF Architects about the final color scheme for the sculpture.  The idea is to make it bold and eye-catching while remaining harmonious with its park setting.

In the photo at left, you can see the two sides of the arch, one of which will ultimately be placed behind the other to create depth.  We’re enjoying its brief tenure as a mimic of the Hernando DeSoto Bridge, though!

We hope to see some of you (and your awesome bikes) on Saturday morning!

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