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Play It Safe: No Trick or Fancy Riding of Velocipedes

In Overton Park’s 111 year history we seem to have lost sight of a few very important rules and regulations that help keep our park safe for all. The Overton Park Conservancy wants to do what we can to help usher in a new, safer era of the park and we feel it’s our responsibility to regularly highlight official park rules and regulations from Chapter 12-84 of Memphis’ Code of Ordinances.

Make no mistake, these rules will be enforced vigorously.*

Sec. 12-84-19 – Instruction in operating automobiles, and other vehicles and trick riding prohibited.
Instruction in operating automobiles, bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, velocipedes or other such vehicles of propulsion, and all trick or fancy riding on the same, is prohibited in the parks and parkways at all times.

(Ord. 4763, 4-25-00; Code 1985 ß 23-84)

*The Overton Park Conservancy does not have the power of enforcement. We hope you all enjoy these as much as we do.